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World Knockout Federation-WKF:

The World Knockout Federation was established as a constituted international association to represent all martial arts, both traditional and modern, and offers unlimited growth potential, opportunities, and ongoing programmes of development.

Each instructor must respect the rules of the foundation which are as follows:

  • There will be a membership/affiliation annual fee for each and every instructor.
  • All instructors who are requesting for affiliation must have cleared all levels as per the organisation requirement.
  • Black Belt Certificate or copy will be required and details would be verified before issuing an Affiliation/membership. Documents required such as two passport size photograph, one ID proof along with one address proof. (submitted documents will not be returned)
  • In case of any suspicious activity or mistrust our organization has right to do the audit or a background check if required. In that case there will be no earlier intimation provided to the concerned person.
  • For Membership, one can contact direct Mr. Shihan JK Singh. We are non-political martial artist lead by highly efficient masters who are world recognised in the field of martial arts. If you are seeking for an Affiliation/Membership for your Country/Clubs/Academy/Gyms then have a direct contact and build your business relation with World Knockout Federation. Do contact us via email or call and we will be providing you with all the complete details. Each instructor must sign the Terms & Conditions mentioned on email to get the Affiliation done with World Knockout Federation.
  • Apply Affiliation/Membership For:

    Mixed Martial Arts-MMA | Karate | Kickboxing | Kung-Fu | Brazilian Jiu Jitsu | Boxing | Muay Thai | Gymnastics

    Benifits of Knockout Affiliation

    • Advance Training By Highly Expert Master
    • International Level of MMA Training Seminar
    • High Quality Digital Certification
    • Online Belt/Level Upgradation Records
    • Advance Marketing Strategy
    • International/World Level Championship Participation
    • Referee & Judge Certification

    Welcome - Enter With A Happy Heart.

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