Kickboxing Training For All Age Group

Kickboxing Program for Kids/Cadet/Adult/Women

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Delhi Kickboxing Classes:

Are you ready to burn 800 calories an hour? Look and feel amazing and develop legitimate striking skills with our kickboxing classes? Our Delhi kickboxing classes will provide you many techniques under this program. In general kickboxing training, we trained you in a combination of kicks and punches. Knockout kickboxing training is based on traditional concepts liked by most of our adults due to its principles, moral values, discipline, respect, focus, and concentration power which we inculcate in our fighters.. We make our fighters ready for the National, International, and World tournaments. Knockout kickboxing classes are one of the best training classes in Delhi. Knockout kickboxing sessions include warm-up and technical sessions, which are the best rough and tough combinations that burn your calories quickly. It is also known for its mind-body relaxation and helps you in the street fighting through self-defense techniques. In Knockout kickboxing classes, we provide the training of knee-elbow striking with boxing and kickboxing combinations which are the best and most supportive forms of Mixed Martial Arts. If you are targeting an MMA tournament and becoming a champion then Kickboxing training is a must for you !!

Come and join Knockout Kickboxing classes. Even if you are a grappler or MMA fan, everyone needs to learn kickboxing for the striking game. Our kickboxing program includes Muay Thai & Boxing program which is known for your best shape and our knockout power. You can easily knockout anyone through the kickboxing striking program. We suggest kickboxing is a very powerful training among many programs, also beneficial for self-defense training and for your fitness level.

The benefit of Kickboxing Classes:

  • Fast-paced, challenging classes for women, kids, and men of all ages and fitness levels;
  • Amazing physical and mental health benefits;
  • Social and energetic classes that keep you motivated and having fun;
  • Cardiovascular workout without physical contact between participants; and you;
  • Fat-burning and body-sculpting benefits; and Act as a stress buster.

Muaythai Classes / K1 Kickboxing:

Other Knockout programs are Muay Thai classes and K1 Kickboxing which comes from Thailand, also known as Thai boxing. Thai boxing is very rough and tough training that makes your full body into an Iron body. It also gives you strong stamina and endurance which includes punching, elbow strike, kicks, a low-shins round combination of kicks and multiple elbow attacks are the specialization of Muay Thai. Muay Thai is also known for its close combat and very rough strikes. Our training could make you strong that you can tackle 8-10 opponents easily at one time. We would make you a rough and tough fighter under our Muay Thai classes. You need one striking form for learning MMA, you have to choose one form of art that is boxing, kickboxing, full-contact karate, or Muay Thai. We suggest you go for Muay Thai initially because it is one of the best forms of MMA, also you will get to learn about elbow and knee striking which is very beneficial for MMA. K1 Kickboxing and Muay Thai both are very beneficial martial arts forms for the MMA tournaments.

Cardio Kickboxing Training:

Generally, people get joined in gyms with the misconception of learning real cardio boxing or kickboxing. But in the gym they do not get actual training, actual rigorous training they get in real martial arts school. You need to enter into real learning of cardio kickboxing training which is the combination of very soft and easy exercises that are only available in martial arts academies. Cardio kickboxing training will get you the desired fitness in JUST 90 DAYS. Cardio kickboxing makes you a complete fighter. It also increases your core strength, stamina, and mind & body coordination. Knockout offers generally three classes per week per session would be for 60 mins for busy and working people. This cardio kickboxing is known for its fun and enjoyable workout with the strong learning of martial arts. Highly recommended by above 30 adults who desired to get a toned body with less soft exercises. So come and join our A1 cardio kickboxing classes now !!

Kickboxing Beginners to Advance:

Our personalized attention and instruction are given to all new students during the Kickboxing classes. We train beginners through to a high level of basic competency and, where required, to an advanced standard of competition. No matter what shape or condition you are in at present, as long as you have a desire to learn, our highly qualified instructors can help you achieve your personal goal. If you are looking for Kickboxing classes near me so Knockout opened many Kickboxing training centers in Delhi, which are Janakpuri, Lajpat Nagar, Laxmi Nagar, GTB Nagar, Rohini, Najafgurh, Uttam Nagar, Paschim Vihar, Dwarka More, Mayur Vihar, Mahipalpur, Indirapuram, Badarpur, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida.