Soft & Gentle Martial Arts- Tai Chi

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Delhi Tai-Chi Classes

Tai chi is generally practised for its health benefits primarily. Nowadays people is suffering from lot of minor and major health issues here what we recommend to learn Tai Chi as it is very soft, gentle and spiritual martial arts. Tai Chi gives you healing in your medication and resolve your health problems in a very short period of time. Tai Chi training strongly releases your stress and anxiety and converts you in a better healing person. It cools down your stress and gives you relaxation in terms of physical, mental and spiritual as well. There are two types of martial arts form one is soft and other one is hard. Tai Chi is known as very soft and gentle form of martial arts, it includes gentle and slow moves which connects your cosmic energy and that energy flows or rotates into your whole body. That is why people get healed so quickly in Tai Chi training even if they are suffering from any kind of aspects in life.

Tai Chi is Best in:

  • Relaxation by reducing anxiety
  • Exercise which is gentle
  • Utilizes the diaphragm to improve lung function
  • Calms the nervous system
  • Enhances the function of internal organs
  • Build internal strength through proper breathing
  • Strengthens the immune systems

Relaxation By Reducing Anxiety:

Tai Chi emphasizes complete relaxation, and is also known as meditation in motion. It connects your mind and body with slow and gentle movements ensuring that your body is in constant motion with your mind. Tai chi is characterized by soft, slow and flowing movements by your hands. In Tai Chi you drive your hands and stances in slow motion by step in and step out, it withholds your cosmic energy into a rotating type of ball in your hands and releases it with same process. In doing Tai Chi you will create a stage where you will get healed and connected with spiritual power like you have never experienced before. You will get the benefit of a pure heart, soul and a peaceful mind like a monk. While doing Tai Chi our aim is to give you a peaceful environment where no thought occurs in your mind. Best thing of Tai Chi is that it makes you meet yourself.

Another aim of Tai Chi is to enhance a calm and tranquil mind, mainly focused on the pattern of Tai Chi slow and gentle moves. Learning to do the moves and stances correctly provides a greater balance in your all phases of life like mentally, physically and spiritually. Learning Tai Chi makes you aligned with yourself and gives you fine-scale motor control, rhythm of movements and the genesis of movement from the bodies vital centre and so on. Thus the practice of Tai Chi contribute in many spheres of life like a person would be able to have better thoughts in mind, would be able to stand, walk, move, run easily and many more.

Our Tai Chi instructors has noticed multiple benefits in our students life while practicing Tai Chi like correct posture, alignment and the thought process or mindset of a person. Tai Chi quickly heals the person whatever he/she is suffering from health issues and need proper medication. Tai Chi makes you into better and going greater person. You can also call the Chi power of Tai Chi as Vital Energy. Once you build that vital energy and when you start training at advanced level, then you can understand that this is a form of meditation. It is done in a very peaceful and in a very quiet way. Also when it's advanced level starts, then you see a lot of changes start happening in you. In advanced training, you will see that your cosmic energy and chakras starts developing and end up working. Your chakras slowly starts upgrading and activating in your body. Day by day, as soon as you start training in Tai Chi, changes start coming in your life like a Saint or Monk. It gives you positive experience in terms of your way of thinking, way of working, way of living life correctly. In Knockout Tai Chi training, you will start getting things in a very different manner, you will feel relaxed, cool, matured and also your senses builds up. Tai Chi activates your Sixth sense as well. So come and join Knockout Tai Chi training program !!