Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Brazilian Jiu Jutsu (BJJ), Muaythai, Kickboxing, Full/Light Contact Karate, Boxing, Kung-Fu, Tai- Chi, Taekwondo, Gymnastics and Weapon classes with different Instructors, so you can choose any one. Should you need help choosing a platform to suit your fitness or learning need, for your schedule Please feel free to contact us again. Either e-mail me (info@martial-art.in) or alternatively you can speak to one of our official team member or our free consultation by calling +91 9999-053-185

Our Woman Special Program Age 18- Above (Female)

Our Woman Special Program is a fun and exciting 60 minute classes usually taken regular 3 times in a week Fitness is fun! It's a great way to experience health and wellness. Enjoying fitness is the key to keeping exercise a part of your life. Fun Fitness will teach you all about the right way to exercise and Self-Defense. There are lots of benefits to being a fit person. You will be healthier, less stressed and more relaxed.

You'll have more energy too! In Woman Fitness & Self-Defense Program, we always use easiest and soft training. We focus on slow and long period exercise & technique.

Safety Exercise:

The exercises featured here are for teens and adults woman that are in good health and have no physical restrictions. Be sure to listen to your body your body needs energy (food and fluids) to perform at its best. Our institutions will help you understand what you should eat and drink before, during and after exercising so that you will feel good and have a safe workout.

Martial Arts is a safe, fast paced, easy to learn system of Self-Defense that will help you overcome the fear of failure, the fear of others, and not feeling confident enough to protect yourself or your loved ones. We give you proven physical and mental training and proven street-tested advanced fighting skills to overcome any obstacles. You will never be afraid of any human being or fear any situation again. Students learn and progress through the following skill sets: STAND UP - How to use your hands, feet, elbows and knees in a variety of situations. PRESSURE POINTS - The use of pressure points on an assailant’s body can leave them weak and vulnerable.

Working on a regular Group Training session weekly, we carefully monitor your success and results to make sure that YOU are heading towards YOUR goals. This Program has been designed with your goals in mind, focusing on weight loss and fitness.

KNIFE DEFENSE - How to defend against various knife attacks.

LEGAL WEAPONS - Using common items as effective weapons for defending yourself.

CLOSE COMBAT - Hand to Hand Combat Tips

SWEEPING - Knock an opponent to the ground with leg sweeps.

GRAPPLING - What to do if you are grabbed by an attacker.

THROWING - Learn which shoulder throws and hip throws are effective against certain types of attacks.

GROUND FIGHTING - Most fights end up on the ground so these skills are valuable.

BREATHE - Ancient art of breath control and relaxation.

Our institute offers many benefits, while learning invaluable Martial Arts and Self-Defense skills for your safety and protection; you will be improving your Health, Fitness and Strength. By using your entire body, Fighting techniques and movements such as Punching, Kicking and Blocking provide excellent form of aerobic and anaerobic exercises. You will also develop greater concentration, reflexes, agility, flexibility, body coordination and balance. Aside from the physical benefits, mixed martial arts are great exercise for your mental and spiritual powers. You can gain a greater sense of Self-Confidence and Peace of Mind. It is also very method of stress relief, relaxation and weight control.

Mind, Body & Spirit :

Martial Arts and Self-Defense will help you discover, develop and use your previously untapped potential power of mind, body and spirit in your daily life.

Beginners to Advance :

Our personalized attention and instruction is given to all new students during the class. We train beginners through to a high level of basic competency and, where required, to an advanced standard of competition. No matter what shape or condition you are in at present, as long as you have a desire to learn, our highly qualified instructors can help you achieve your personal goal.

Nunchaku or Nunchuk:

Members are also trained in the art of the Nunchaku or Nunchuk for short. This training helps develop hand eye coordination along with an 'I Can Do It!' attitude. Students learn the history of the weapon while also learning fun and exciting techniques. Members receive specialized training once each week outside their regular martial arts class.

Level 1 Training Duration is 8 months with Group Classes or Personal Classes with 1 certificate of training period [Level-1, Level-2, Level-3, Level-4, Each Levels are made for 8 months.]

Our Black Belt training program with all the 8 certification (International Black Belt, Sweden.) Members have to face and hit all the promotional tests by Knockout Martial Arts & Fitness.

Things to Carry For Beginners :

  • T-Shirts
  • Shorts
  • Water Bottle
  • Face Towel
  • Blue Uniform
  • MMA/Boxing Gloves

Things to Carry For Advance :

  • Blue Uniform
  • Groin Guard
  • Shin Guard
  • Gum Shield
  • MMA/Boxing Gloves
  • Head Gear
Members wear a special heavyweight blue/white uniform with Knockout Martial Arts & Fitness Logo. Uniform is worn to all Martial art classes and promotional tests.

Please note: Although a uniform is not compulsory to start, you will need to purchase one within six weeks of starting training. Book your session now by calling The Academy.